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What is Clearpay?

Clearpay is a finance intermediary which allows you to pay for your service with Caroline Neville Brow Cosmetics upfront but spread the cost over 4 instalments with Clearpay. ​ Your finance agreement is with Clearpay not me. ​ There is a free downloadable app where you can apply for the short term finance, once approved your will be issued with a digital Clearpay Card which can be kept in your phone wallet (a bit like apple Pay) and you will use that to pay for your desired treatment. ​ Clearpay is only accepted by Caroline Neville Brow Cosmetics for services which cost £100 or over.

What is a booking fee?

A booking fee is a non refundable monetary amount usually 30% of the service amount.  The booking fee secures your appointment and the time needed to complete your treatment. ​ Booking fees can only be transferred over to a new appointment date and time where 48 hours notice is given. ​ Less than 48 hours notice for any reason will forfeit your booking fee.

Lip Blush Pre Treatment

30 DAYS BEFORE PROCEDURE: - Avoid Botox and fillers around the lip area. - Avoid Glycolic acid, chemical peels, and laser treatments on the face - Avoid Retinols and anti-aging creams eg. Retin 2 WEEKS BEFORE PROCEDURE: - Avoid all facials, bleaching treatments, or waxing around the lip area - Avoid extensive sun exposure and sunburn on the face 1 WEEK BEFORE PROCEDURE: - Avoid taking blood thinning medication (asprin etc) If you take prescribed Medications which thin the blood please consult your doctor before stopping these medications. - Keep your lips well hydrated with a good lip balm - If you have been prone to any type of cold sores (herpes simplex virus) or you may have the herpes simplex virus that lies dormant in your system, this procedure could cause an outbreak. It is recommended that you take a course of anti viral medications 5 days prior and 5 days after this procedure to lessen the risk of an outbreak. 1-3 DAYS BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE: - NO alcohol - NO Caffeine - Gently exfoliate your lips 2 days prior to your procedure, 2x/day (you could use sugar and coconut oil mixture for a natural exfoliate) - Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water (the first sign of dehydration is dry lips) DAY OF PROCEDURE: - NO Caffeine - NO Intense Exercise

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